Sugar loaf mountain

Having seen the new year in outside a house party being a bit, well, ill, I figured January the 3rd was a good time to start working on the new year’s resolutions. So, in the name of doing something a bit more productive than wandering into the city spending money as drinking coffee (as fun as that is…) I left the party early on the 2nd with the intention of walking up a mountain the following morning.

I started badly by setting an alarm for weekdays and wondering why it didn’t seem early when I woke up at 8am. Anyway, it was worth the rush getting up and out of the house – the mountains were still covered in snow and the air was crisp and cold. It was mostly walking until we neared the top, and then some slipping and falling into fairly thick pockets of snow. There weren’t many people around so early in the year and the emptiness and fresh snow at the peak accentuated the calm and excitement I always get at the top.

We quickly dropped down from the top, missing the route in our rust to get out of the wind. We crossed back to the path – each footstep slipping along and then falling through the tough surface to anything between knee and mid-shin depth beneath. Unless of course, you’d hit a stronger patch, in which case you slip, until dangerously close to the splits, with one or boh legs in a deep hole.


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