New Year 2012 – Glasto twice

What did everyone do for New year? I was supposed to be cooked for by a friend, but sadly she was unlucky enough to catch a bout of norovirus just after recovering from the seasonal cold/man-flu. I ended up staying in and went to bed before midnight. oops. New year’s day morning was then lost to 3 episodes of Downton Abbey back to back before deciding I had to mark the start of a New Year somehow.

Last year I ran on the first, and the whole year ended up quite running and taekwondo focussed. This year I want to keep improving my fitness and enjoying the outdoors, but in a more joyful way. So, I decided to trek over to Glastonbury in the pouring rain and go for a jaunt up the Tor.

Despite almost deciding to abort the whole idea due to the consistently drab wet weather, I was somehow amazingly lucky. As I reached the Tor the weather cleared and I had an amazing view of the surrounding countryside. After lunch in a local cafe (during which the rain resumed) I walked back past the tor to the car and decided to just nip up again to check it out in the dark.

I have to say, if you’re prone to freaking yourself out with imaginings, walking up glastonbury Tor on your own at night isn’t exactly an amazing idea. However, the views are awesome. I made it down again safe and sounds before slipping on a drain cover and ending up with bruised legs and grazed hands.

Thankfully, music on the way home, a nice shower and an evening of chat and drinks with friends made it all better.


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