Day zero challenge part 1

Drum roll please…! here’s the first stash of to-dos for the next two years. Some are single events, some are monthly and some involve several parts. However, in true science geek fashion I’ve made sure each is specific and measurable!

I can feel a spreadsheet coming on already – I do Love a good spreadsheet – it’s going to happen, but I’m resisting for now.


  1. Enter a competitive event – race/tournament etc – each month – or 12 in a year
  2. Complete a trail race
  3. Master a pull-up
  4. Try lead climbing
  5. Go Kayaking
  6. Try wild swimming
  7. Complete an olympic triathlon (1.5/40/10)
  8. Try a new hobby
  9. Walk up a Welsh mountain (or big hill or whatever)
  10. Walk up a Scottish mountain (or big hill or whatever)
  11. Walk up an English mountain (or big hill or whatever)
  12. Try 2 MMA classes (for the FEAR!)
  1. Knit something & wear it
  2. Learn a new craft
  3. Make a glass angel
  4. Learn a new glass technique
  5. Sew something (and finish it!) and wear it
Social / Political / Cultural
  1. Spend no money for a week (excl. standing orders etc.)
  2. Attend a Buddhist meeting
  3. Attend a feminist event
  4. Send a handwritten letter each month of 2012
  1. Visit 5 overseas cities
  2. Read 12 books in a year (All must be sufficiently non-shameful that I post the title!)
  3. Try 10 new foods
  4. Visit Bristol’s Free museums (M-Shed, Museum & Art Gallery, Red Lodge, Georgian House)
  5. Try a type of dance
  6. Try something musical


  1. Change the doors!
  2. Use or destroy the greenhouse

I’ll be trying to add something to cover taking more photos, trying a super healthy food plan & making time for thinking & reflection.


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