Glass fusing

Here’s the outcome of my first day-zero challenge! I’ve made them as a (very late) Christmas present; I love giving homemade presents and it’s particularly nice that these are a bit different too. I’m really happy with how they’ve come out and will definitely be trying this again.

I’ve also started to read my first book – “Bad science” by Ben Goldacre. I’m feeling a bit stupid for not questioning things as much as I should. I like to think I’m quite cynical and am not too taken in my bullshit, but I’m still shocked by some of the revelations. It’s definitely a must-read, although it does jump around a bit in places.

I’m also doing my first race tomorrow – only 10k but I’m feeling a bit nervous. I’ve been doing quite a lot of fitness stuff at the moment, but not really doing any running training for speed, just fun hill runs. I’ve also been feeling a bit tired but I’ve had a day off today and am feeling a little more energised so hopefully I won’t be last!


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