1st race of the year

January’s race was the Moorland Multiterrain run by the Town & country Harriers from the Avon riding centre for the disabled. It was an excellent race – very friendly marshalls, an interesting mix of surfaces and plenty of stiles, fences and bridges to keep it interesting. Plus a section where I was knee-deep in muddy water – giving up the dream of dry feel early on paid off as tip-toeing round the early muddiness would have been a massive waste of time!

Muddy muddy

Post-race photo doesn't do justice to the MUD caking my legs. Probably got washed off in the stream!

All in all, a very fun morning, it felt like hard work and I was quite a bit slower than other cross-country 10k’s but I overtook quite a few people and I haven’t really been training so all in all not too bad.

February’s race is a 10 miler and includes a hill which is so steep that there’s a rope to hold onto on the way down! I’ve been enjoying my martial arts and fitness classes so much lately that there’s not been a lot of time for running but I’m going to have to up my game. This triathlon business is looking pretty scary!


Time to say goodbye to the shoes that took me round my first half marathon


2 responses to “1st race of the year

  1. In November I ran a similar race – my shoes were trashed, too, and we had a couple of spots that required a rope – and the husband and I have stopped calling it a half-marathon and started referring to it as a survival trek. It was challenging, no doubt.

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