New food #1 – les cuisses de grenouilles

Urgh! they come in pairs!

Frog’s legs!

Here’s the first “new food” for my 2012 list –

I went for a meal with some friends on Friday evening as there is a new local cafe/bar/restaurant – the old bookshop – we all wanted to try out. It’s a very small place, but we were lucky to get a small room at the back, which meant we were able to relax and unwind after a busy week. We ordered 12 tapas dishes between 5 of us – which turned out to be a good call, we finished it but all felt pretty stuffed at the end – plus a bottle of wine and some gin and beers and it all came to a very reasonable £14 per head.

Anyway, one of the dishes was frog’s legs which I wasn’t very keen on but – as I’d included trying 10 new foods on my to-do list – it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. I was quite freaked out by the fact that they were served in pairs on the bone. As the sauce was very strongly flavoured and spicy I’m not sure I’m qualified to say, but they do taste like chicken. I probably won’t be eating these again, but I’m glad the day-zero list made me step outside the comfort zone!


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