Sunday musings

Today’s class was really hard, I mean it’s always really hard, but today it was really hard and I couldn’t keep up with the reps on most sections.
I have come up with two reasons for this:
Possible Reason 1: I am doing too much and fighting off a bug.
Evidence: I’ve upped my exercise since the new year because I’m enjoying everything so much and have been wondering how long I can keep it up. My colleagues are ill, I’ve been coughing a lot, I’ve had the tingling start of a headache.
Possible reason 2: I am lazy and rubbish.
Evidence: um, none. I know I’m not lazy because I did an 8 mile run and circuits on Friday (see reason 1) and I definitely worked hard today when measured by volume of sweat.
Why am I leaning towards reason 2?!
Anyway, I’m now in a cafe with coffee and a book waiting for lunch; things aren’t so bad!



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