Headtorch running and Day zero slip up

In daylight, obviously

Ashton Court

Tonight I decided I was too tired for Taekwondo and that I needed a night in. This meant I would be home from work by around 5:30 pm. Then, later, I remembered a running club group who go headtorch running on a Monday. I’ve always wanted to try this, and since I had the evening off, it seemed like a perfect opportunity. There is some logic here somewhere. Once I’d thought of it I got all excited about the prospect of using my lovely headtorch and my shiny new watch and trying something new all at once.

After feeling tired all day, as soon as we started out I felt awesome and by the end of the run I felt strong and alive and I’d have happily done it all over again. But I didn’t, because I had to come home and make soup. And…

I realised that I’ve already slipped up on the Day Zero list. I said I would write a handwritten letter each month and I completely forgot at the end of January (I’m going to blame a lot of birthday’s and a visit from my parents over the end of the month.) It seems quite a shame to fail the challenge in January, so I’ve decided to let this one slide. I have, however, written a letter to an old friend which I will post tomorrow. So that’s one more thing checked off. I really need to start making some progress soon!

The photo is one I took of Ashton Court in Summer. This is mostly where I run; it’s really beautiful parkland with grass and tracks and deer and a mansion house, and festivals over summer. Unfortunately, the council seem to be intent on ruining my countryside sanctuary and turning it into a biking adventure playground with pavement type tracks and little touristy signposts everywhere. But more of that another time; tonight, it was peaceful, dark, tranquil and beautiful.



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