2012 race two…(and some *really* unattractive running photos!)

I was just doing a dark colours wash, ok?!

Race 2 of my challenge was the Weston AC tough ten multiterrain race. It was ten miles, the first on the beach, then some road, woods, more road, a short section of seaweed covered rocks and a little more sand. Alltogether awesome. It was my first experience racing with the garmin too and it was actually quite useful to be able to check my pace although I didn’t use it all that much. It’s also nice to know I did the first mile which was on the beach in 7:50! I was shocked to finish in under 90 mins; some friends spectating said they were genuinely shocked to see me coming in when I did!

Altogether, this is a bit of a boast-post, but I’m mega-proud of this one!! (I do not look good though!)

I emailed the really unattractive photo around work. This is pretty cool as I would have been ashamed of it in the past, but I look bad because I’m working hard. Right now, I’d rather be thought of as being strong, fit and determined than as being hot!


2 responses to “2012 race two…(and some *really* unattractive running photos!)

    • A perfect example of growing up and not caring- I’d rather people think how hard I’m pushing it than think I look hot! (I wouldn’t mind being one of those graceful runners though!)

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