Weekend ramblings

I want to write about my lovely weekend, but first, something that’s getting to me (Excuse me if this gets rant-y).

First I heard of the resurgence of the chris brown & rhianna stories was a column in today’s Observer “Bad people it’s ok to fancy” the column made me angry incidentally; it wasn’t well written and seemed to me to be a women writing in an overly sexual way without much intelligence behind it – it read more like something from the sun than the observer. Anyway, that’s another story. The piece was apparently a response to some people on twitter saying things like “Chris Brown can beat me up any day” WTF? Seriously?!

It seems like there’s a lot of young women who think it’s cool and strong to shout about how sexual you are – like you’re rebelling against the old-fashioned ladylike manners and hidden sexuality. This might get young girls in a lot of trouble if they’re not strong enough to talk about what they’re comfortable with when it come to it later, but fine, shout about your sexuality if that’s what you want to do.

However, these tweets take it to a whole other dimension. Women are glamourising domestic violence now? In an attempt to show how un-repressed they are? how they’re out of the grip of the patriarchy and free to be overtly sexual? so, err, they feel almost feminist on some level? Perhaps I’m reading all this wrongly. I’d love to hear people’s views.

Friday night - Rock on.

Anyway, back to my weekend!

My friend from Uni came down to visit me on Friday, so after a very tiring week, we sat down with the above. Chocolate, Wine & Tim Minchin. Perfect, no?

Saturday was spent having a fabulous lie-in and then shopping all day, with a lovely lunch of a vietnamese chicken & peanut salad in Tampopo.

Anne convinced me to buy an awesome pan, which I’m mega excited about using:

Arm workout, for chefs

In the evening we went to a local bar/restaurant, the terrace which was totally fabulous. There was no normal “kate” meal on the menu – my sister can always guess what I’m going to go for – I’m a sucker for a grilled or stir-fried chicken dish with lots of fresh flavours or something vegetarian with chickpeas and root vegetables. I went for parmesan and herb encrusted salmon with spring onion mash and a creamy clam sauce. (seafood & creamy both being things I’d normally avoid on a menu, but it was a special read out by the waitress and I didn’t hear her say clams) Anyway, it was all lovely, the restaurant is separated from the bar so it was reasonably quiet, the lighting was perfect and we were seated by the open restaurant which I always like. The wine was lovely and the food was fabulous. Definitely recommended!

This means I accidentally had my second new food. It is shocking but true that I’d never tried clams. I was a bit put off by the shells & the fact that they look like sea creatures. I tend to go for vege food or chicken breasts or tuna steaks – can’t handle food that looks like an animal – I’m such a child! However, having ordered it, and the challenge certainly spurred me on to try them.

Today was a beautiful, springlike day in February. I had booked a circuits class in the morning and was gutted to be exercising indoors when it was such perfect weather. I decided to go for a uick run around the harbourside afterwards because it’s so lovely to see all the people running, sitting, walking and chatting round the harbour on a sunny day. The first mile was incredibly painful after the circuits, but I kept going and by mile 3 I was in the zone and did a 7:45 mile (that’s quick for me). I got back to the gym, did a few weights, some yoga-stretches and showered and changed then headed over to the local sunday market and cafe for some well-deserved lunch.


This afternoon, I decided I’d make some flapjacks to take to work. I’ve been enjoying nakd cerreal bars which are purely raw fruits and nuts cold-pressed, so healthy and so tasty, but pretty expensive.  I decided to have a go at making some tasty and slightly healthier flapjacks for the weeks snacks instead. I used a recipe which replaces a lot of the butter and sugar with mashed bananas and I pushed it even further by putting about 1/3 of the butter called for and 2/3 of the sugar and adding extra banana. I also added some flaked almonds and dried berries. It’s a little more crumbly than a traditional flapjack, but it’s pretty tasty and fairly healthy and definitely a lot cheaper! I might even treat my colleagues to some for a monday treat. (maybe!)

Also, look! My spring irises have come up:


(Sorry about the mess that is my garden!)


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