Race number 3 – an Impromptu duathlon

Last Sunday I completed the third event of my 12 for 2012.  The race was a lovely tiny local 10k that I had done the previous year, but I fancied making it a bit more difficult to keep in the spirit of really pushing myself for each challenge.

As I’m thinking of attempting a triathlon, I thought I’d try out some tri training by incorporating a cycle ride into the event. I ended up getting a train part of the way and doing a 10mile cycle across to the venue. As I had no idea how long I’d take to cycle I left plenty of time, so I got about an hours rest at the start. I also had about 45 mins at the end as I had to wait for the race to finish so that I could cycle on the route (ok, that’s an excuse… I also ate homemade cake at the fundraising bake sale and let my legs stop burning!)

I ended up doing the cycles in 45 and 35 minutes and the race in 50.16, which I’m really happy with as it’s an “undulating” route and I had done it in 50.09 the previous year driving there!

If I’m honest, the main motivation for the cycle was justifying the purchase of a new bike. Mine is affectionately known as “Bitch-bike”. Mostly because it has super-sharp pointy bits on the peddles which routinely cut my ankles and have also chipped the paint on my gorgeous car 😦 Also, I have never been able to change the gears on the front mechanism so I go up massive hills in the middle one and roll down hills in the middle one also. Still, regardless of this, it got me to and from the race with no incident and I love it for that!

Surprisingly, I loved the cycling and am trawling ebay and talking about bikes incessantly – almost to the point of driving myself crazy! bike bike bike bike bike!!!!

I loved the feeling of freedom of being able to cover such a large distance spontaneously without the car. More bike adventures to follow, but now, back to ebay!!


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