Day zero progress – 2012 review

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the day zero challenge so this is going to be a bit of a high level review… The active category has probably been the most successful, so here we go…

1. Races – 17 complete!! This didn’t quite go as I’d planned as I had intended to do a race every month. Unfortunately I had some knee issues in september and october but I still managed to squeeze in 17 over the course of the year:

ImageIn the sheep dip at the sodbury slog…

  1. Moorland multiterrain – January – 10k with some impressive hills and mud
  2. Tough Ten – February – a ten miler this time, this time with hills, mud & beach
  3. Hemington 10k – March – a hilly village 10k, but I did it as a duathlon to test my cycling commitment with 10 miles rides either side of the race.
  4. Cribyn race – April – still my favourite, just 5 miles, but up and down mountains in hail!
  5. Bristol 10k – May – A big city 10k with a pb of 47:13
  6. Tyntesfield 10k –  May – a week after the Bristol 10k, hot and hard work!
  7. Wrington woodland run – May – 1st of the TACH summer pub series; wet & muddy.
  8. Purdown pursuit – June – TACH series – very wet
  9. Beacon batch – June – Steep race over gorgeous local hills with a massive club presence. Won a prize for having awesome friends (i.e. just nabbed the third spot in my club to help us claim the women’s team prize – along with most of the others!)
  10. Cotswold way relay – June – Amazing day long relay run in stages from Chipping Camden to Bath, I ran a beautiful tree lined 9 mile section.
  11. Castle coombe duathlon – July – 1st trial of Dora the Explorer, aka the new bike I justified in March. Cycling and running round a racecourse 2/10/2/10/2 miles – and all after a day of work!
  12. Burrington Blaster – July – TACH series again – Torrential, but awesome, one of those intense rainy runs that feels both spiritual and totally insane.
  13. Dundry thunder run – August – Final TACH race. Again, very very wet!
  14. Lake logic triathlon – August – the big one, an Olympic distance triathlon
  15. Crook’s Peak Cake Race – August – My first individual prize – I was genuinely shocked to be third woman in this short but steep fell race on a warm wednesday evening.
  16. Sodbury Slog – November – A local legend – one of the first few mud-loving races that existed long before the tough mudder type races. This was in it’s 25th year and going strong.
  17. Christmas Cracker – December – a 10k with beach and road sections, wearing a “god” fancy dress costume that everyone mistook for a bearded angel… I was pretty happy with a 50 minute 10k in wings, a beard and a halo and with a dodgy knee!

I also organised for a group of colleagues to go out and do the crook’s peak route as a christmas social – and that was my second experience of fell running in hail!Image

As GOD running the cracker in December.

2. Compete in a fell race – the Cribyn race definitely checks this box with mountains and hail!

6. Wild Swimming – yep, in two lakes in Bristol and as part of my triathlon, bringing us to

7. Complete an Olympic Triathlon – Abso-bloody-loutely & it was awesone!

8. Try a new active hobby – Well, this year I’ve really got into Swimming with the triahtlon club which feels totally different to swimming up and down at a steady pace on my own. I’ve also started to get into road-cycling and had a good go at kickboxing and tried out kayaking in the highlands.

9. Walk up a Welsh Mountain – yes, the cribyn race took me up two welsh Mountains, and I also climbed Lord Hereford’s Knob(!) during a weekend in Hay on Wye which also included seeing Tim Minchin being brilliantly funny at the literature festival.

11. Walk up a Scottish Mountain – I went to the highlands on holiday with a group of friends and had a lovely week involving lots of walking, a couple of tricky scrambles and my first Munro.

12. I took one MMA class… Building courage to go back!

13. A muddy cross country – well, how many?! I’m going to use the sodbury slog to check this off – can’t get much muddier than that!

So… I’ve checked off 8 of my current 14 Active challenges, and I’ve had a blast doing so. The most surprising aspect has been the swimming, I think – I’m amazed how different and hard work swimming is when you go with a group and the Triathlon club swimmers outclass me by a mile!


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