Sew Inspired!

Denim skirt - Before!

Denim skirt – Before!

Denim Skirt - After
Denim Skirt – After

Yesterday I was inspired whilst reading some blogs and came across which has some awesome updates of charity shop finds. I thought I’d just this sudden burst of inspiration to check off my “sew something and wear it” challenge.

Unfortunately, charity shops round my way are nowhere near as cheap as the excellent sources used in the blog, but I did pick up a denim skirt for £4 and an old H&M shirt for £2.

The skirt was an old 12, so I assumed it would be too big, but it was actually a near perfect fit on the waist so all I had to do was shorten it and take the sides in a little to knock up a classic high waisted denim skirt. I wore it around and about today feeling quite 90s cool (by my standards!).

The shirt was pretty big and shapeless; I felt there was a bit too much yellow, so I needed to get rid of some of the block – I went with sleeves as I’ve got a similar shirt-dress I wear all the time which is really comfy and practical yet a bit more interesting than my usual jeans and a vest combo.

It was also a couple of sizes too bit and the shoulders were wide so I spent a while working out how best to reduce the width across the top and ended up going with the (probably slightly cheaty) method of taking a couple of massive pleats in the shoulders and making them more of a focus than trying to hide them.

I had a bit of trouble with the sleeve edges and in the end went with the unadvisable cut,sew&hope for the best method. I was shocked and happy when I tried it on though! I will get some elastic to put a high waist into this, but in the meantime, here it is with a belt!


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